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“ADS ON VEHICLE” Create, Build and Develop Brands!! We bring a new Model of Branding and Promotion through which Advertisers Can Increase their Brand Recall Value and Strengthen their Brand Identity to give their Business a Professional Image!!!

We associate with our partner that is advertisers to find a total solution that is based on analysing the need, budgeting, planning the execution, and finally executing it to monitor the subsequent result. We work with our partners to create and design the advertising ideas to be the best in class.

For vehicle advertising we have a creative team who design the unbeatable graphics. We help you to position the logo and the design of the communication so that the target audience can focus on brand plus product both.

We will give you the live tracking panel of your...

Business Development Strategy

We strategize, Increase Sales, Business and Create Brand Value. We do Tie-up's with our Advertisers - For Extra Discounts and Offers to Advertising On Cabs Customers and their Families that ensures business development of our Advertisers. Offer Gift Vouchers of Exclusive offers to the Consumers during any organised Program.

Innovative marketing concept

With Car Ad Wrap Concept’s - “Eye Catching Designs" Studies shows that Car Ad Wrap Impressions have more shelf life and better Brand Recall. It Generates up to 50,000 Views per Day.

Free Marketing Services (Organic)

  • Social Car Rallies with Media Coverage
  • Facebook Promotions
  • What’s App Promotions
  • YouTube promotions
  • 100% Guaranteed Sales
  • Assured Business Development
  • Occasionally Events
  • Print & Digital Promotions via Social Car Rallies & Events.