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“If You are searching for that person who will change your life ,Take a look in the mirror”
“Don’t Waste Your Time, Invest Your Time”

We make a business relationship in which the franchisor (the owner of the business that provides products or services) assigns the right to independent persons
(the franchisee) to market and distribute the franchisor's products or services.

Why You Should Choose Become a Franchise?

An Opportunity for Accelerated Growth Balanced Management Centralized Marketing. For Increased Power Lower Fixed And Variable Cost. Cost Fair And Balanced Risk Low Investment. Business Support, Management and Training Assistance.

Who can become a Franchise?


Person with good network of contacts in the specified region


Willing to work hard and travel a lot in the region .




Fresh Graduates


Passionate about running his/her own business



Here we would like to show you some survey result

# Start ups Franchised units
1 Success Rate 10% 90%
2 Brand Yet to be Established Well Established
3 Risk Very high Comparatively low
3 Time Frame to establish High Already Establisht
4 Technical know how Self Developed Provided by Franchisor r
5 Franchisor Training & Support Not Available Provided by Franchisor r
6 Business Model Risky Tried and Tested
7 Research Development Very Costly Available at reasonable cost
6 Returns Inconsistent Consistent

Hand Holding Support

  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Superior Training
  • Procedures & Systems
  • Supply Of Promotional materials.
  • Brand Name.
  • Infrastructure Required

  • Infrastructure
  • Space – minimum
  • PC With Internet
  • Basic Branding
  • Printer –Scanner-Android Phone
  • Top