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Why choose us

Ads on Vehicle has introduced the concept of 'out of home ' advertising. In these types of ads, we place ads outside the car as a door cover, that is, we place ads outside the car and we pay a monthly rental in lieu with that ad space as per the availability of ads. In this way, respected driving partners can increase their income. We respect drivers and believe that drivers are central and with this innovative method they can earn extra money from their drive. Because taxi companies has like- OLA, UBER, ZOOM CAB etc. has reduced their incentive plan, just because of this drivers are suffering a lot. Now they have option to cover up their earning by registering their vehicle with us.

Other Benefits to the Customers

1) Monthly Rental to as we will place advertisement on the doors of their vehicle
2) Free Counselling to their children’s from our counsellors if needed
3) Work from home facility to the family member of the customers.
4) Work from home free training.
5) Discount voucher of a brand subject to the tie up with Advertisement on Cabs. com As per the tie-up of the Company with Malls, Jewellery Showrooms, Hospitals, Hotels, Footwear Showrooms, Real Estate, Function Halls, Schools, Educational Institutes etc. The Registered Customers of the Company will get the Extra Percentage of Discount (Special Discount) rather than the other general customers.
How & Why We will Help the Customers to Provide them the Source of Income which will Help the Customers to get an Income Source of Earning:- We will use the customers vehicle for advertisements of our client’s Brand / Products / Services. We will paste the designed and colourful vinyl stickers on the customer’s cars for branding and promotion and In-return of that we will provide the Monthly Rental Amount as the Scheme Participation Charges on the basis of Advertisement placed on the vehicle of the Customers which will help the customers to get a income source of earning.
All the Old Cars as well as Buses of any brand like Chevrolet / Ford / Fiat / Maruti Suzuki / Hyundai / Honda / Skoda / Mahindra / Tata / Toyota etc., are acceptable.
Customers can register their Private Cars as well as Commercial Cars under the Existing Vehicle Scheme.

Required Document

  • Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC)
  • Car Owner Voter ID Card
  • Car Owner Aadhaar Card.
  • Car Owner PAN Card.
  • Car Owner 2 Coloured Passport Photos.
  • Car Owner Account Details.
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