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Place your Ads On Vehicle in India

When technological advancement has opened new avenues for reaching customers, advertisers are constantly looking for innovative ways to communicate. Advertisers want to serve their audience anytime, anywhere even when they are “on the move”. Vehicle Ads has proven effective, cheap, simple and best way of movable ads

We can put advertisement on a car, a bus or anything that moves to deliver a message can act as an advertising platform. Marketing does not have to be static because the current consumer/audience spends almost 2.5 hour travelling every day from home to work and back, meeting, shopping etc. If you are looking for creative ways to market your business, why not adopt marketing ideas on the advertising on cabs and use advertising vehicle.

A Ads on Cab India company brand can choose advertisement on vehicles during a start-up phase or even when it at establish. There is no particular growth phase that can be considered ideal for this advertising medium and infact it is a quite flexible in terms of who and at what stage of the activity it can be used. Large brands can consider this mode as it is a cheapest support with maximum reach, activity and audience engagement.

Run Franchise of Ads On Vehicle in Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh,Kerala, Karnataka, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai

Media We Deal In

car advertisement
Ads on Cab India
Ads on Cab India
vehicle advertisement
vehicle advertisement

Research has Proven

We live in a mobile world and movable advertisement helps us with .

We can attract a wide range of audience.

⦁ More impression than a billboard in a month.

We can recall it quickly as we remember video faster than story

⦁ Research has proven that movable things have long shelf life.

Create buzz and raise awareness.

⦁ Leave restriction and affect a profitable market.

Provide wider coverage of the area on a low budget.

⦁ It is an Innovative concept than other media.

vehicle advertisement

Mahbub Ali

Hi I am having a cab in a rural area as the cab companies cut down the incentives of customer it was very tough manage the EMI plus car and other expenses I heard about ads on vehicle. Com and register my car they have put advertisement on my can and paying me every month.

vehicle advertisement



Technical Director WSF

Hi I am happy with the advertisement services of ads on vehicle as they provide the complementary services of digital marketing too. And they have made my brand famous in the state

vehicle advertisement



Mr Hayat

Hi I would like to thank company for such a great opportunity as a franchise. I tried much business option but failed. I was searching Job in newspaper I came to know about Ads On Vehicle and I took one more chance. Now I am earning really a good amount every month without pressure

vehicle advertisement

Franchise UP State


Vicky Daneen

It is a good company as for creating a brand image of any product very happy with the services of ads on vehicle. I will definitely consider ads on Vehicle for next time as well

vehicle advertisement

CMD Chief Managing Director


Satyavan Sheokand

Namaskar Ads On Vehicle is supporting us with monthly rental as they have done contract with us for 5 year and they regularly paste advertisement on my three buses and they pay rental in advance I am very much thankful for them.

vehicle advertisement

Bus Owner


We ensure our advertisers that the car will be in running condition

  • Art work
  • Monthly report.
  • Sticker Pasting
  • Sticker Removal
  • Washing
  • Car Panel